Tuesday, January 10, 2012

BowAmerica and Bowfishing

January 5th marked the inaugural issue of BowAmerica, the e-Magazine for Bowhunters.  Each issue features segments on traditional, compound, bowfishing, women bowhunters, target/competition, how-to, gear reviews, habitat management and more.

My feature article for the first issue was in the bowfishing segment titled 'Aim Low'.  Here is an excerpt:

     Aim low.  Not exactly the phrase you want to use when teaching kids how to be successful in something.  It is true, if you set your goals low enough then it is easier to meet your meaning of what success is.  However, aiming low in bowfishing is a must.
     I found joy in shooting at fish as a way to lengthen my bow season.  I also found bowfishing is a great way for youth to experience the flight of an arrow.
     Both my oldest son and my daughter experienced their first take with a string attached to an arrow.  Bowfishing mainly consists of going after ‘trash’ fish such as gar or carp.  It combines that thrill of the fight that have anglers hooked to their sport of choice, as well as the sight of the flight as the arrow seems to soar in slow motion toward its mark. 
     Bowfishing teaches skills such as instinctive shooting, a bit of stealth, and what I call ‘hunter’s vision.’  This is the ability to see all the surroundings, much like the predator see’s the prey so the predator can make its approach.  These skills are necessary for a bowhunter as he graduates to hunting larger game that are wound so tight they will take off with the slightest scent or noise.

Be sure to read the rest on page 32 of BowAmerica.  You can subscribe at either BowAmerica.com or on the issuu.com page and best of all, IT'S FREE!  A copy of the magazine is embedded, feel free to read, download, and share.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Here is the first issue of BowAmerica, the e-Magazine for Bowhunters. Be sure to subscribe so you can get each month's great stories from bowhunters across the nation!