North American Trophies

I have established hunting goals that require me to not only take but learn as much as I can about certain game animals.  This is all in an attempt to become an informed, knowledgable hunter and outdoorsman.  By targeting these creatures with archery equipment, I believe it will put me close to the animal, in its environment.  Below are photos of the ones I have been successful with as well as blank spots for the ones I have not.  These would be what I would consider 'dream hunts' as they are found in other parts of the country and I cannot hunt locally.

North American Game
Buffalo (Bison bison)

North Dakota, November 2005.

First big game animal taken with a bow.  My dad and I made this our first trip together for big game for three reasons.  First, my grandfather was a world wide big game hunter but never had a chance to take my dad.  This was a trip we could enjoy together.  Second, bonding.  Third, we felt the bison was as American as you could get tying the wild west in to the experience.

Mountain Lion (Puma concolor)

Arizona, March 2008.

Notice, no mountain lion picture.  This was from the trip, but I was not successful in taking a lion.  Still, this was easily the toughest and most educational hunt I have ever been on.  We rode nearly 20 miles each day on horseback on terrain 4-wheelers could not cross.  Temperatures ranged from 15 degrees in the morning to 85 degrees around noon.  I hope to go back one day.

Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis)

Georgia, September 2011
Do-it-yourself hunt where I found Dane Lancaster from Georgia who also drew a tag for zone 4.  Took 3 years to draw a tag for the hunt.  We hunted all night for two consecutive nights, withstanding numerous setbacks in order to pull this nearly 6 footer in.  Complete bowkill, using a gator setup to shoot the gator and bring him to the boat, then using a broadhead to dispatch him by shooting him through the spinal cord while still in the water.

Pronghorn (Antilocapra americana)