Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Archery Targets

Here are a couple of targets you can print for practicing at different yardages. 

One is your standard circle target with a slight variation.  The goal is to keep the group in the appropriate size circle based on the yardage.  For every 10 yards, your group should be with the inch circle corresponding.  For example, if you are shooting from 40 yards, you should group in the 4 inch circle.

The second target is slightly different.  It has 5 circles. You can start either with the 1 or the 5 circle, and work your way out or in accordingly shooting one arrow at each circle.  Each number is equivalent to 10 yard increments based on the same practice theory as above. (1=10 yards, 2=20 yards, etc.)

Circle Target

Yardage Target

Bill Howard writes a weekly outdoors column for the Wilson Times and Yancey County News and the blog site Bill Howard's Outdoors. He is a Hunter Education and International Bowhunter Education instructor, lifetime member of the North Carolina Bowhunters Association, Bowhunter Certification Referral Service Chairman, member and official measurer of Pope and Young, and a regular contributor to North Carolina Bowhunter Magazine.

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